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Is Page Speed Important For SEO?

May 4, 2021 | SEO

Is page speed important for SEO? The question should actually be how important is page speed for SEO, and why? The answer is that it’s very important , for various reasons. But it’s not only important for SEO, it matters because the users visiting your site need to have a good experience; they will stick around longer if the content doesn’t load slowly. If people are frustrated just viewing your site, then they will just leave and likely never come back.

Google isn’t the only search engine, but it’s no doubt the most popular one. According to Google, page speed has been a factor for a long time now in their ranking algorithms — including for mobile devices as of July 2018.

So what can be done to improve my website’s speed?

Thankfully, there are several tools available that will help you achieve a faster website.
If you’re unsure whether your site is fast enough as it currently is, we highly suggest running some tests with these to get some insight!

You will need some technical know-how and/or help from a search engine to be able to figure out how to resolve all of the issues. The most common issue is minification causing some problems with the site, and correctly deferring JavaScript, which the plugins below will help with. Note that it’s rather difficult to get perfect results on Google’s tool; if you’re really serious and struggling to do it on your own, you may be able to hire a freelancer from a site such as Fiverr.

Speeding up WordPress websites

There are multiple caching plugins that exist for WordPress sites. We have tried several of them, but recommend using the following.

Free, recommended caching plugins for knowledgeable users.

We suggest using all 3 of them together, because WP Super Cache doesn’t offer minifying CSS/JS or deferring JavaScript.

Paid, if you want the easiest to configure and best caching plugin for WordPress. This does support minification and deferring JavaScript. It can also set up the ideal Cloudflare settings automatically, and even host Google Analytics locally to help improve load times.

Using WP Rocket, we have received excellent results on GTmetrix as shown below with just a few settings toggled on!

GtMetrix A rating

Other important speed factors

In addition to caching, image optimization (compression) is extremely important because it reduces load time, sometimes substantially depending on the server and user’s connection.

For WordPress, we recommend using Smush — it can also lazy load images, which is great! The free version works fine, but if you have a lot of images it will initially be slightly annoying because you’ll have to keep pressing continue after every 10 images. In the future, it can automatically optimize newly uploaded images.

Consider using a content delivery network (CDN) for ultra fast resource loading. WP Rocket has their own CDN network which is very reliable and affordable. Note: if you use Cloudflare, you don’t really need a CDN.

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